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Country Hope is dedicated to developing support programs and services, in response to the needs of country families, advice from medical practitioners and other professionals.

Recognising that childhood cancer and life threatening illness places incredible stress on the family.

For this reason Country Hope's programs and services that address the needs of the entire family. Country Hope understands the special needs of country families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. The issues of separation, isolation, travel, untold expenses, the need for families to be together, sibling support, to have holidays and fun are the basis of the programs developed by Country Hope.


  • Offer positive, exciting programs for diagnosed children to assist in reducing the constant stress and maximising the benefits of medical care.
  • Offer support programs to the sibling children of a child diagnosed with cancer or life threatening illnesses.
  • Provide practical avenues of emotional support by offering family members the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances.
  • Provide ongoing support to families who have lost a child with cancer or a related illness.
  • Provide training and support to Country Hope carer’s and volunteers.
  • Educate the community in regards to childhood cancers and the needs of families.

Through family centred support programs and services, developed in response to family needs, Country Hope strives to reduce the stresses that surround a family with a child diagnosed with cancer, by extending a caring hand of assistance.

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